Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is a shoot I did last week of Olivia when she was 10 days old!!! Here she is with her twin-almost-three-year-old sisters. They took pictures just like you would expect for 3 yr old twins!


Yup...and sometimes they wake up during their shoot and cry...but being 10 days old, they forget and go back to sleep!

This is my favorite one with Olivia and her sisters...

10 days old or younger is the perfect age for a NEWBORN shoot. Any older and some babies lift their head and wake up when you move them. A newborn photo shoot is all about hands, feet, cheeks and little things like that...much more then 10 days old, they won't LET you pull their arm out for a shot like this one below.

Gotta love a baby's head...this one has hair on it!!!

Olivia started to cry just a bit so I took this when mom picked her up for a minute.
Almost my favorite feet pic...

...this IS my favorite!!! Good thing mom had pretty nails!
Another unplanned in the moment picture with mom....

One of favorites of ALL of these!

Can you guess what THIS is????It is a scarf, that I have never worn before! So I grabbed it right before I left the house. Someone said it looks like a nest...yup..I guess it does. Needless to say, I didn't hang it back up in my closet to NOT be worn. I kept it in my photography box!

Little hands....

Little hands...look how newborn they look!

Little feet and little toes...

Olivia in her little white tutu...
Yeah she was starting to get a little tired of all this...

Tara's (and Family) Prego Belly Shoot!

I did this photo shoot about a week ago...Tara was about 3 weeks away form her due date!!! I loved this photo shoot for many reasons, who doesn't love belly shots (and 3 posts down we did finger painting!!!) BUT the real reason I loved this shoot is because I had the honor of photographing their wedding just this past May! (to view their wedding blog post go to I love being able to meet couples, capture their wedding day story..and then it doesn't end there...I get invited back to capture the next events of their lives...I am so lucky to have a job where I get to celebrate with people I grow to care about and and be a special part or lives! OK on to the pics....there are 4 posts total of Tara'a Belly Photo Shoot.....ENJOY! This was really funny to shoot...Som doesn't have a belly AT ALL...we kept trying to get him to stick out his tummy and touch his to hers...well what do you do if you don't have a tummy??? Yo

I love this one!!!

It's All About The Belly!!!

Here are Tara's BEAUTIFUL belly shots!!! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!

I shot this belly shot with the ultrasound picture of baby girl MANY different ways...I loved this one the most...

Playing with blocks!!!

Sometimes to keep a kids going in a photo shoot you just gotta let them have some fun! I LOVE to capture kids how they are normally...this is a perfect example of a way to do it!
The final shot..this one was planned the one's above...NOPE...they just's all about the unplanned moments!!!

Finger Painting FUN!!!

This I think was the funnest photo shoot I have ever done! Tara called me months ago to set up an appointment with me to do a pregnancy shoot with finger painting! I have been so excited about this one! It worked and turned out exactly how we thought it would!!! Here is their 5 year olds hand prints...
The whole families hand prints...we realized Tara's would have to be upside down!!!

Getting ready to make some real art NOW!!!

And there he goes...

Look at the mess they made!

The finished product...imperfect..but a work of art!!!

Meet Sabrina!!!

This a shoot I did a few weeks ago for Sabrina's first birthday pictures! Shs has the cutest little personality...and is just beautiful! I love her little expressions! It was a fun day in Napa! I love this one with the hardwood the look of them being at home! And oh my thoses eyes!!!
The cutest little smile...


She knows a little sign language...she was saying all done!!! ;)

She actuallly keep the happy birthday hat on for a FEW shots!

Too stinkin' cute...

I loved loved loved this little red outfit...we just let her do her own thing!