Friday, October 15, 2010

Kellyanne is finally here!!! Sacramento Newborn Photographer, Hospital Photo Shoot

Kellyanne is FINALLY here! I personally have been excited for her to get here the day my past bride Ali texed me about the news!!! Ali and Greg were married last October, when I met with them regarding their wedding I knew they were looking for a photographer that they would have be apart of not only their wedding day but apart of their future big life milestones too. Matter of fact, when I dropped off their wedding album they made sure to mention that they would see me for a maternity photo shoot in the near future. You can view Ali's pregnancy photo shoot blog post right below this one. This hospital photo shoot is actually one of the first ones I have done professionally outside of my family, so I was excited to add this to the list of family photo shoots that I do! And I just adore Ali and Greg!!!

Before I show you the first shot of Kellyanne I must say, this type of photo shoot takes about a half an hour and was taken when she was about 28 hours old. Now I was there for about an hour and talking labor AND HOLDING THIS PRECIOUS DAY OLD BABY! But the actual shooting was no more then 30 minutes.
When we took Kellyanne out of my arms and laid in moms for the shoot this was her first pose!!! So I just had to get it from both directions!!!

Ok these next few photo's are of her hands! I just LOVE newborn hand photo's! In this one she was just holding them in her little lap! Can't wait to do her first birthday pictures and have her fold her hands just so!

Mom and Dad holding each little hand!

And next are the FEET!!!

This is my favorite picture of the whole hospital photo shoot!

Kellyanne's little head! In both Mom and Dad's hands...

Right after we got all those little details, we wrapped her back up and she just looked right at me! What an alert 1day old! The next few pictures are Kellyanne's one day old expressions...

Here is Kellyanne with Dad...

She just loved this...I love this because it reminded me of the picture my mother took when I was a few days old with my dad holding me just like this.

Here we are with mom...

And here is the new little family!!! I have so many pictures of Ali and Greg kissing on the forehead and such in their wedding photo's and their maternity photo's. It was so special to add Kellyanne to the kissing forehead lineup!!!

I hope you enjoyed Kellyanne's first photo shoot. The next post on this blog will be in about 10 days or so...I will be going to Ali and Greg's home to shoot her 10 day old photo shoot! Just a note to anyone out there who is viewing this blog and is looking into photographers for their life's milestones( weddings, babies senior pictures and yearly Christmas photo's) You may not realize the role your photographer can have and SHOULD have in your families lives...choose someone you not only want to capture your moments and do a good job doing so, but most importantly...someone you want to bond with your family. I count it an honor that I am chosen for these special events with my customers and I love watching their families grow and watching and capturing their happily ever after! I am privileged to have a job that not only touches others...but in return they touch my life too!!!