Thursday, December 27, 2012


This post is special because this is MY family!
My sister Katie is expecting her second baby.
She told us the date she would be finding out if she was
having another baby boy or a girl.
She also let us know we could go up to the appointment with her,
but only her and Matt would be going it to see the ultrasound. 

Well though that was SO exciting last time around...I thought hey,
since we don't get to SEE the ultrasound and we will all just be standing around the radiology department...
let's do something FUN!!! So we did a Balloon Reveal! Pink for a girl and blue for a boy!!!

So we all got together at my parents house. It turns out that it was raining so we did it right outside off the porch in the front yard, with family all on the porch... so here it is...

Everyone looking at Katie as she walks out to meet Matt and Baby Preston
with a bag of either pink or blue balloons...

Here is the first

Here is my family one millisecond after that PINK balloon started it's way out!!!
It's a GIRL!!!
If you notice all the girls are SO excited...the boy cousins...yeah, not so much!

And there they all go....

More excitement...from the girls, my son is the one up front in brown, he wanted a boy!
Now the cousin count is tied 4 to 4!!!
Grandma is very happy!!!

There they go...

Baby P is going to have a little sister...should we tell him how life will soon change??? LOL


And since Aunt Joy, yes, me, am always out of the camera's lens because I am always behind it...even though I dislike being in front of it...I decided I needed a picture with my nephew to celebrate his new sister...and prove I was there with a quick picture!

Baby Kynzlee Elizabeth will be arriving this summer!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


These are my children, my niece and my nephews.
We waited almost a year since the baby was born for all of them to be together!

This first picture is my favorite...

This picture will be outdated in sister is pregnant with number 8!!!
Thankfully, we will all be together in the summer!
These pictures are so funny and cute.
I wanted them to be they were!

I LOVE this pose! Baby P wasn't the happiest in this one...but the others look so precious!

This was when the kids where well...kinda done! But we got the shot we wanted in the first 5 everything after that was just a bonus!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pinterest Mini Sessions!!!

Here is a shoot that I did at Elk Grove Park.
I am setting up some "Pinterest Mini Shoot Sessions" in November and December.
What are mini sessions?
They are 15 minute photo shoots where I am at one location for many appointments
and we just take a few poses/ideas
(from Pinterest a lot of the time) and use that 15 minutes to take about 50-100 photo's.
(This shoot was actually a full shoot but the ones I selected to post are what could fit into a mini session-
full photo sessions are available also.)

(916) 952-2207

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Lovely London!!!

Here is the Little Lovely London!!!

About 12 years ago when I set out on this photography business of my first goals was to SOMEHOW be in the packets that the moms get in the hospital when they bring their babies home. I had no idea how to do that...asked a few nurses a few times, kinda just decided it wasn't going to happen. Other "big" chain photographer's already were there with the newborn pics and had advertisements for future sessions and seem to have contracts in place to protect anyone else from coming in.

Last year a marketing firm found my website and asked if I wanted to be a part of a new program in 2 area hospitals. They asked  me to come up with a special for new moms that would reach EVERY  mom having a baby in those hospitals...I was so excited I HAD REACHED MY GOAL!!!
And THEY found/chose me!!! (this year 3 area hospitals will be a part of this program).

So...back to Little Lovely London!!!

I honestly have been looking at a LOT of online any good photographer knows you need to SEE what others are doing.

This shoot...I decided to STAY true to my style and we were going to try a few "poses" if that's what you call them. I think they are just very natural ways of cuddling and loving on a baby... so with very little photo shopping newborns heads upright and in place in unnatural newborn poses...AND in LESS then an hour (I heard from a client who did a "special" with someone else, got ONE really beautiful picture, but after 2 days and SEVEN hours!!! SERIOUSLY?!?)

Here is the outcome of little 5 week old London's photo shoot with her mom and dad!

This was the very first picture taken...I think it is my favorite of the day!

Isn't she just perfect...

...prefect mouth...

...perfect hands...

... and perfect feet!!!

Another favorite picture...London's feet with mom and dads hands.

Love these mommy and London's pictures!

My favorite of the mommy and baby...

Time to add dad!

 Favorite of the three...

 Daddy and London's turn...

My favorite with dad...

 Haha...and sometimes the shot just doesn't come together like you plan...but I like it anyways!

These next two pictures are my absolute favorite...JUST PERFECT! Nothing fancy...but just perfect!

Yes...a little smirk...

Love this little look...

Awww... just perfect...

...and the perfect end to a perfect shoot!