Friday, September 10, 2010

Professional Maternity Photography - ALI AND GREG ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!

Ali and Greg are two of my most favorite clients and just all around favorite people!!! I still joke with them that they were the hardest wedding to book EVER!  Back about a year and a half ago when I first met Ali and Greg when they were planning their 2009 October wedding, they had just had a very bad experience with the FIRST wedding photographer they had hired so they were VERY cautious! But it wasn't just that...they wanted to make sure that who they chose to hire as their wedding photographer was going to be the person they go to for all of their future photography events. We still  joke about the questions they asked in the hiring process in about about 10 emails back and forth and AFTER we had already met and AFTER they already made a pro and con list and had NO CON's AT ALL..and it actually pertains to this very shoot. They wanted to know if I was a professional maternity photographer, a professional newborn photographer, and well you get the idea! Obviously they chose me to be the one to photograph their wedding. Now an advantage to hiring the right wedding photographer who transitions into doing all types of photography is I KNEW ABOUT THESE GORGEOUS, FUNKY, SEXY SHOES!!! As soon as I saw this floor throughout their home I know right away what I needed to do with it!!! There are other advantages to me photographing them before, when it came to doing these first few shots, Ali trusted me. She knew I would make her beautiful in these somewhat vulnerable poses! I am honored to have been their wedding photographer last year and I am honored again to come to take these pictures of Ali and Greg...I look forward to middle of October when I get to meet them at the hospital to take "Baby Squeaks" first photo's!!! Congrats Ali and Greg!!!

I just love this pose, Ali has a pose in these shoes on her wedding day posed similar to this...

My second favorite of the shoes...

There is just something BEAUTIFUL about this one!

Now here is a sneak peak of the rest of our awesome photo shoot. This really shoes the relationship Ali and Greg have with one another...

Here is the bellies close up...

There is a story behind the name "Squeak" that is very cute. It was Greg's nickname as a baby and Ali is a collector of rubber ducks...hey PERFECT MATCH! But the reason behind the pictures below is, Ali and Greg are keeping the sex of the baby a secret! SO early on in the prenancy they started loving refer to the baby as "Baby Squeak". Now I personally have known for months the sex of this precious baby but have been sworn to secrecy! They KINDA have a name picked out with a couple variations so we did take pictures just like this with the babies REAL name...but those will NOT be publicly released until after Baby Squeak is born!

Again congratulations to Ali and Greg who will be excellent parents...I am looking forward to meeting Baby Squeak in about 6 weeks!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Portrait Photography - Kristin's Family, just a sneak peek!

This is Kristin and her cute little family. This was first time I ever met Kristin. She bid on a photography package (along with some other items) in The Taste of December event last year. I heard that she was very happy to hear that she was bidding on it FOR MY SESSION!!! How exciting!  The location was Serrano in El Dorado Hills. Just beautiful. Thank you Kristin for suggesting such I great place! Always nice to have more places to choose from! Here is your sneak peak Kristin! Enjoy!

Family Portrait Photography - Veronica and Bradley had a BABY!!!!

I met Veronica about 2 1/2 years ago when she was planning her wedding to Bradley. I was hired as their wedding photographer. Now almost 2 years after they said their wedding is baby Fallon!!!! I was so excited when I heard through good 'ol Facebook that she was pregnant! I was even more excited when they decided to hire me again to photography their growing family!!! Congrats on your beautiful baby! (By the way...her expressions are just like her mommy's!!! I recognized her in her right away!)

Fallon's cousin, who is a  month younger then her had her own photo shoot of course we just had to photograph the cousins together!

Just precious...they will love this picture when they are all grown up!

Just love, .love, love this HAIR!!!